Compare Calgary Home Sale vs. Traditional Agent Listing

In a tough market like the one that exists in Alberta, it’s important that you have options for selling your home. Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for your home to sit on the market. Many times, you can wait and still don’t get the amount you want. With the Calgary Home Sale Team, we can provide cash in your hand for your home fast when you need it. We are licensed and reputable real estate agents with the know-how to help you hit your home-selling goals. Compare Calgary Home Sale vs. local agent listing:

 Selling with a Real Estate AgentSelling to an InvestorSelling to Calgary Home Sale Team
Sale PriceFairly high price IF the home is in perfect condition. Then commission and fees are deducted.Whatever price leaves the investor room to make a profit.TOP DOLLAR if you have time to list on MLS, or if it can be held as an investor rental; An offer minus fees, repairs and holding costs if you need CASH QUICKLY
Commissions and other FeesNormally 7% on the first $100,000, then 3% on the balance plus GSTZero.If we list your home, the fee is negotiable. When we pay cash, you pay zero fees!
Who Pays Closing Costs and Chooses DateNormally you pay the closing cost. Options for a date are normally 30, 60, and 90.  Investor The date is your choice.    ZERO closing costs if we pay cash for your home. The date is your choice.
Inspection and AppraisalNormally this is deducted from the sale price.InvestorZERO when we buy your house with cash.
Average Days On the MarketAround 60 days, give or take.Normally seven.ZERO when we pay cash.
Number of ShowingsDepends on the number of appointments booked by the realtor.It Depends. May need ‘partner approval’1-2 if you sell for cash.
Who pays for the Repairs?Negotiated, can be you.InvestorWe pay repairs on cash deals.

Do You See Why It’s Important to Compare Calgary Home Sale vs. Traditional Agent Listings?

Make the comparison and decide which seems like the smarter move.

When You Compare Calgary Home Sale vs. Traditional Agent Listings, Doesn’t It Seem to Work In Your Benefit When You Sell to Us?

However, the Final Choice is Yours..

With our team, you have two choices. If time isn’t a factor, and you can wait 30-90 days, we can get top dollar for your home by listing it on the market.


You could go the cash route.

We can have cash in your hand in as little as 7 days, with the following benefits:

  • No costly repairs or expenses out of your pocket
  • No closing fees or commission costs associated with selling through the MLS

Because we are also a fully licensed real-estate team in Alberta, the process couldn’t be easier.

We can help you get away from a monthly mortgage payment, plus the yearly maintenance costs associated with your home. Maybe you’re worried about not getting as much money with a cash deal.

But Think About This..

The time spent waiting for offers to come in on the house

Money spent on repairs & uncertainty if the selling will get you the money back

Sell Confidently and Save A HUGE Amount of Time!

Fill out the form and call us at 403-907-5031. Take a few minutes to talk with us so we can explain your options. Keep in mind after paying all of the closing costs and fees, you may not get near “retail value” of your home. Click below to get more information.

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