Calgary Home Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about selling your home in Calgary? With years of local experience both as agents and investors, we have the information you need. We are happy to answer any questions you have without any obligation or hassle.

You can check out some of our most frequently asked questions below. Or reach out to our team for more detailed answers to your questions. 403-907-5031

Q: Do you list houses for sale in Calgary or buy them outright?

This is a really good question and one that we see frequently at Calgary Home Sale. The answer will depend on the inspection and approval process. If your home meets our criteria, we can offer you cash for your home and have it paid out within just a few days. After we buy the home, our team will come in and make any necessary repairs. When you choose to sell your home directly to us, you won’t have to worry about cleaning or fixing anything up. Alternatively, if you have the time to wait, we can list your home on MLS. This is a more traditional route that you might be familiar with. We have a lot of experience and know the local market well, so we can help you achieve great results either way.

Q: How do you determine your offer prices for homes in Calgary?

At our company, we aim to offer our clients the most equitable cash price feasible. Please bear in mind that our ultimate proposal is based on several different factors. During the walkthrough of your property, we observe the state of the house, its age, and a few other standard elements. We consider the property’s location, the necessary repairs, and the current state of the house. You can be confident that the proposal we give you will be unbiased and straightforward to comprehend.

Q: Are there any costs when working with Calgary Home Sale?

Calgary Home Sale frequently asked questions on fees are best answered like this:

  • If we pay cash for your home, there are zero fees to pay on your part. This means you pay nothing for repairs, closing costs, and fees, and zero commission is deducted from your final sale price.
  • In situations where we have a separate investor make an offer on the property, we still ensure that you still get treated fairly. The investor purchases the house, and we get your cash to you. There is nothing else to worry about as the investor pays us a fee. It’s that easy.
  • Sometimes, clients decide to list the house because they have 30-90 days to wait for offers to come in. In this case these prices range from a flat fee to a  percentage.

Q: What Makes You Different from Dealing with a traditional Realtor?

For starters, we are actually willing to buy houses and not just list them for sale. When we do buy, you will never have to pay for any repairs. Our team handles that as well. Once you accept our offer, it’s also up to you to decide the closing date. If a private offer can’t come in at a price that works for you, you’ll always have the option to list it to the public to see if we can get you a better price. There’s never an obligation to take an offer and you always have the choice on how you wish to sell.

Q: Is there any obligation when reaching out to Calgary Home Sale?

You are under no obligation at any time to accept our offer or go through with the sale. We are happy to answer any questions you have, whether or not you choose to work with our team .

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