Calgary Home Sale Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible you might have some questions regarding our process. In this Calgary Home Sale FAQs section, you can probably find an answer to any inquiry you have. All of the FAQs for Calgary home sales and the process overall are listed here.

Some of Calgary Home Sale Frequently Asked Questions Are…

Q: Will My House Be Listed on MLS, or Do You Actually Buy It?

This is a great question and one of the Calgary Home Sale’ frequently asked questions we see. The answer to this depends on the inspection and approval process. If your house meets our criteria, we can provide you with a cash offer for your home. Normally, we can have this paid out within seven days. After we buy the home, we have a team come in to make repairs if needed. However, if you have the time to wait for 30-90 days, we can list your house on MLS. This would be a more traditional route that you’re used to seeing with a realty company.

Q: Are Your Cash Prices Fair?

We strive to provide our clients with the fairest cash price possible. Keep in mind that our final offer depends on a few different factors. When we conduct a walkthrough of your home, we note the house’s condition, the house’s age, and a few other routine elements.

Q: How Do You Come Up with Your Offer Price?

We take into account the location of the property, how many repairs are needed, and the current condition of the home. Rest assured that the offer we provide you will be fair and easy to understand.

Q: What Are Your Fees?

Calgary Home Sale frequently asked questions on fees are best answered like this:

  • If pay cash for your home, there are zero fees to pay on your part. This means you pay nothing for repairs, closing costs, and fees, and zero commission deducted from your final sale price.
  • In situations where we have a separate investor make an offer on the property, we still ensure that you still get treated fairly. The investor purchases the house, and we get your cash to you nothing else to worry about as the investor pays us a fee. It’s that easy.
  • Sometimes clients decide to list the house because they have 30-90 days to wait for offers to come in. In this case these prices range from a flat fee to a  percentage.

Q: What Makes You Different from Dealing with a traditional Realtor?

There are many things that set us apart from a traditional agents. For starters, when we buy, we don’t charge any fees or commission. You will never have to pay for any repairs when we make you a cash offer because our team handles that as well. Once you accept our offer, it’s also up to you to decide the closing date.

Q: Am I Obligated Once I Submit My Info or Receive an Offer?

You are under no obligation at any time to accept our offer or go through with the sale.

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